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it’s only been an hr since I woke up and I’ve already gone through a pot of coffee….i don’t have a problem

today was the last day of week 2 of my diet. Today I broke and ate an apple…..oh well it was just an apple right…? 

anyway I have tea now. 

Yesterday at dinner: 

Jordan: You know if we ever adopt I want to adopt a kid who looks nothing like me.
Me: How come? 
Jordan: So when they ask me if they’re adopted I can say “WHO TOLD YOU SUCH LIES?!” Then I can hold them up next to me and say “WE ARE THE SPITTING IMAGE OF EACH OTHER!”

We’re going to be awesome parents one day :) 

Despite my mental breakdown about my weight I can honestly say that life is good. I don’t think I’ve been this content in a long time .

I get to work with a shop that encourages illustration and out of the box thinking with their graphic design. I work from home. Yesterday I drew a Marauder’s Map and today I’m making vintage perfume bottle labels. After this promotional party I get to work on Alice in Wonderland stuff. Despite never having a day off I can say that I love my job. 

I have an awesome boyfriend who I’m going to be spending the rest of my life with :) We spend our free time playing video games and watching movies. I am not afraid to tell him to clean up his mess and he’s not afraid to tell me I need to chill and calm my ocd. We work and its awesome. 

I’m happy :)

Jordan lifts shirt *sigh* 
me: what
Jordan: I have flab
me:….you better shuttup before I whoop your ass
Jordan: did you just say you were going to whoop my ass?

Day 3: 


i’m so hungry ._.

Day 2: 


that is all. 

Today was the first day of the workout/diet. I’m a little hungry but I only notice it when I let me mind wander in between saving projects. I was proud of myself for not quitting through my workout, usually the first day back I can’t do the whole thing. I do Jillian Michael’s workout since its fast and seriously works me out. 

The diet kind of sucks though, tuna, an apple and lots of water. 

The things that float on through.